My name is Dillon Reed Estes and I thought up a simple design that I call “Never Set”. The idea behind the name is that you Never have to Set your writing utensil down because it stays on your person. The simple design looks like a figure eight. The ½ inch wide softer braided elastic material I have been using on my model is made in Spartanburg, SC. More testing would have to be done, but I feel spandex would allow for more free movement and reduce sweating, because of a better air flow. One loop is worn around your index finger and the other loop holds your writing instrument which is positioned in front of your index finger when not in use. When ready to write something down, use your thumb to grab the writing instrument and position it between the thumb and forefinger and begin writing. No matter the task, you can work hands free.

My model is made out of a solid strand starting with the instrument loop first, which is roughly the diameter of a pencil. I plan on making the finger loop size in a small, medium, and large for marketing reasons. They will be manufactured in a variety of colors and designs to make them more appealing to consumers and sold in packages of 3-5.
I want to get some protection using disclaimers such as if you mark on yourself, poke yourself, etc. I will not be held responsible. Once that’s complete, I want to visit with a design team to check the manufacture design and logo on the Never Set itself as well as the packaging.
The benefits of Never Set
  The benefits of Never Set:

Saves time since there is no searching for your writing.
instrument or stopping to set it down and pick it up.

Time saved makes for greater job productivity.

Efficiency saves time and money.

Profit margins increase when job productivity increases.




Easily assessable

It’s interchangeable with different writing instruments and small hand tools.

It’s attractive
Who can benefit from using Never Set:

Nearly anyone who uses a writing instrument:

Construction workers